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                Kathyana Gomez

                United Technologies Advanced Projects

                Kathyana Gomez

                As the head of project management for United Technologies Advanced Projects, Kathyana Gomez understands how to deliver high-quality work. Kathyana’s proud Puerto Rican culture influences the way in which she approaches her career.

                “When you grow up with a huge family where the resources are fairly limited, you learn to work with whatever you have, whether it is a lot or a little. That is a very common thing all over Latin America and with the Hispanic community overall. We know how to work with a group no matter where we are and what resources we have.”

                As a global company, it’s pertinent that our workforce is reflective of the communities our products serve. The impact of different perspectives is invaluable to continuous improvement. Therefore we need ensure as many different backgrounds at the table as we can. 

                Kathyana vocalizes this well. “When your solutions are unilateral or only coming from one point of view, you're most likely going to get more of the same. If you want to bring something new to the table, you need to bring someone who thinks differently and someone who has new ideas.”

                We are honored to highlight some of our colleagues who are helping to ignite the future at United Technologies.

                Devis Dishnica
                Devis Dishnica
                Devis Dishnica
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