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                Our world is changing

                United Technologies delivers solutions the world needs to urbanize sustainably. We manufacture some of the world’s most fuel-efficient jet engines and aerospace systems. We develop green building technologies that provide comfort, safety and energy efficiency.
                We engage with stakeholders to advance sustainable outcomes across our global communities. For us, sustainability means we can do good for the planet while we do good for our employees, communities, customers and shareowners.

                2020 sustainability goals

                infographic of sustainability goals

                We believe that profitable, responsible operations should not compromise the environmental or economic health of future generations. Every five years, UTC sets aggressive new sustainability goals for our environment, health and safety performance.  

                2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

                2018 Corporate Responsibility Report

                Corporate responsibility covers a broad range of ideas and actions, but it is fundamentally about how a company takes ownership of its role in society—how it seeks to safeguard its employees, enrich its communities and sustain the planet. That may sound simplistic, but in a rapidly urbanizing, technology-driven, resource-constrained world, it is anything but.

                Urbanization trends

                The world’s population is expected to grow nearly 30 percent in the next 30 years, approaching 10 billion by 2050, with nearly 70 percent of that population living in urban centers. This urbanization trend will also require smarter, efficient buildings and it will create increasing demand for air travel as people look to remain connected across cultures and economies.

                Our focus areas

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